SpamAssassin and country-specific blocking

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Sun Feb 19 02:00:07 PST 2006

From: "Dave" <dmehler26 at>

> Hello,
>    I just installed the latest SpamAssassin port and noticed it had 
> country-specific spam filtering as well as spf and ssl support. Does anyone 
> have a howto on getting all this going with an mta in a production 
> environment? I'm not looking for anything like a manual, but practical 
> experiences.
> Thanks.
> Dave.

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That list is quite handy for solving SPF problems if you have any. (It
should work "outa the box.") It can also help you setup the "trusted_network"
concept. It's not quite what you might think it is. It simply means that
"this network is one I trust not to falsify header information." Usually
SA can figure this out for itself. But if you see ALL_TRUSTED as a spam
rule that got listed for all or most messages then it needs to be setup.

The ssl support is something I've not looked at. (I am still running a
tweaked 3.04 brought up to 3.05 for bug fixes. I have some special
debugging crammed into my spamassassin install.)

Interesting places to look for "ideas" is the /usr/share/spamassassin
(in Linux speak - my install's on linux for now) for the common rules.
You can search for "score" for scores and look at the rules to get some
idea of what's going on with them.

The users's list, though, is generally the best help. Folks with LARGE
ISPs are there as well as my "ISP For Two" setup.


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