question on NAT for multiple subnets

Rob Connon (Info) at
Sat Feb 18 13:49:22 PST 2006

Look at PF if your running FreeBSD 5/6. - You can do this easily and 
it's well documented.
IMO it's alot more functional and usable over ipfw and definetly better 
documentation. - *most* of the features in the 
OpenBSD faq cover the freebsd port.

Greg Barniskis wrote:

> Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> I've never done it but I think you can run multiple nat instances
>> and multiple divert sockets, you will have to specify them in the
>> config file to natd, though.  
> Excellent. That's what I was hoping for. So instead of one "divert 
> natd" rule in ipfw, I simply need "divert N", "divert N+1", "divert 
> N+2", etc. where N is a port number where I bound my first natd, N+1 
> the next natd instance, etc. I think I can manage that.
>> If it were me, though, I would try to
>> setup multiple FreeBSD boxes, not only does that give you some
>> redundancy, but it makes troubleshooting a lot easier.
> Thanks, but we're talking about a need for somewhere between 54 and 
> 216 distinct NAT<->subnet instances, maybe more. I really need a 
> solution for one host, two NICs, that compares favorably to providing 
> this functionality with a PIX.
>> Ted
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>>> Subject: question on NAT for multiple subnets
>>> I'm sure I could figure this out from scrutinizing Google, the 
>>> FreeBSD documentation, and testing in a lab, but I'm particularly 
>>> pressed for time on finding the right answer to this.
>>> For a long time we've been quite happy coalescing all private IP 
>>> client requests onto a single public IP address through NAT. 
>>> Management now wants more granularity, at least one unique public IP 
>>> per private subnet.
>>> Can I set up a single ipfw box that examines client source ip addrs 
>>> and provides different public NAT addrs for each private client subnet?
>>> Any pointers to the best way to think about this issue much 
>>> appreciated. If the answer is ipfw doesn't handle this, but some 
>>> other fw does, fine, I just need to know which. Thanks!
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