Bandwidth Problems with Freebsd 5.x

ptitoliv ptitoliv at
Sat Feb 18 06:42:08 PST 2006

Hello everybody,

I am writing here because I have a problem with network on freebsd 5.3
and 5.4. The machines are pluged in a 100 Mbit/s with via rhine network
cards. On this same LAN  I have a Debian Sarge computer. When I try to
transferts big files beetween the FreeBSD and the Debian, I see that I
have an assymetric bandwith :

>From Debian to BSD : No problem. The bandwitdh is OK : About 8 MBytes/s
which is normal for a LAN I guess.
>From BSD to Debian : The bandwidth is quite awful => Beetween 300
KBytes/s to 1Mbyte/s.

Network have been changed and the problem is still the same. So I
thought it was a network problem. Then I installed an other FreeBSD on a
different computer and plugged it in a completely different network and
the problem is still here. That's why I think there is a thing to
configure on the BSD system but I don't know why.

That's why I am looking here for someone who knows this problem and who
will be able to help me.

Thank you for your answers

Best Regards,

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