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Fri Feb 17 14:26:51 PST 2006

From: "Giorgos Keramidas" <keramida at>

> On 2006-02-17 09:29, Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at> wrote:
>> You do NOT want to setup an autoresponder like vacation!  The
>> FEATURE method that Giorgos explained is the correct way to do it.
>> If your not using sendmail and your MTA cannot issue an error in
>> this fashion, you do not want to mess around with this.
>> What happens with autoresponders is that spammers inadvertantly
>> trigger them.  As a result the autoresponses get sent to thousands of
>> victims who had their names forged to the spammers message.  Some
>> of those victim addresses are spamtrap addesses.
> Oh, crap!  I hadn't thought of that.  Good thinking there Ted :)

There is no "inadvertantly" about it. If spammers find an open relay
or an open bounce they exploit it. And you get blacklisted.

{o.o}   Joanne

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