small freebsd laptop suggestions?

Micah micahjon at
Fri Feb 17 12:54:12 PST 2006

Xn Nooby wrote:
> I would like to get a small laptop dedicated to (desktop) FreeBSD 6.x,
> ideally one that could run Win2000 inside QEMU and has an nVidia chip so I
> can do OpenGL stuff.   Any suggestions?  It doesnt have to be superfast,
> though I would prolly want to drop a 100GB 2.5" drive in it later.
> 2 years ago I foolishly bought a HP Pavillion, and I have to use an external
> keyboard with it for FreebSD (or else it wont boot).  The HP laptop is now a
> dedicated Windows machine (and I'd return it if I could).
> Is anyone using a laptop that they are happy with?  Maybe a refurbished
> Thinkpad? (though I prefer to buy lapotops new, in case they are duds).  I
> dont particularly trust the online lists of "laptops that work with
> FreeBSD", since my other laptop is on one of them.
> I plan to carry the laptop around a lot, so I'm looking for something a
> little smaller than average.  My HP Pavillion is about 7lbs, which is too
> big.  Maybe a small Thinkpad, if they still make them?

No specific suggestion, just curious if you tried your pavillion with 
the settings that were recommended on this list a couple of months back? 
  Search for Pavillion laptop in the questions list.

Quick recap: interrupt the kernel loading process, then
set hint.sio.0.disabled=1
set hint.sio.1.disabled=1
set hint.atkbd.0.flags=0x9

Works on my Presario (I know, not a Pavillion, but it's worth a try). 
Use the FreeBSD install disk to test it.

As for specific laptops, find  one you like, search Google to see if 
anyone has gotten it to work with FreeBSD, repeat until you find one 
that works.  freebsd-mobile at might be a good place to ask 
too.  The archives of that list usually has several recommendations.


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