about the ISO9660

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi at lztech.com.br
Fri Feb 17 11:49:32 PST 2006

Em Sex, 2006-02-17 às 10:03 -0500, Lowell Gilbert escreveu:

> Sergio de Almeida Lenzi <enigma at lztech.com.br> writes:
> > I posted a question about the ISO9660 and the hard links
> > in the ISO filesystem... some days ago...
> A bit under 1 day ago, actually.
> > and no one answer... 
> It was still in my incoming queue, but first I was planning to take
> care of the work that I actually get paid for.
> I tried to duplicate the problem (on -STABLE) with:
> mkdir temp; cd temp;(tar -C /rescue -cf - . |tar -xf -);du -h . /rescue
> but I got the links copied properly (original and copy the same size).
> You'll need to show precisely what you did for anyone to figure out
> what is wrong.

Ok thanks for the help... if you did the test and worked, for you 
for sure I am using a wrong version of the 6.0

I will upgrade  to the 6.0 stable ....

thanks for the help....


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