small freebsd laptop suggestions?

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Fri Feb 17 11:34:41 PST 2006

Xn Nooby wrote:

> I
>dont particularly trust the online lists of "laptops that work with
>FreeBSD", since my other laptop is on one of them.
No specific laptop advice but I would have thought of that laptop list 
as a starting point.  I wouldn't trust any single occurrence of "this 
laptop works" without verifying it with a google for "laptop model 
freebsd".  (There are exceptions; I'd trust a review from some I "knew" 
- hi Giorgos :-)).

The trouble is that laptop models fast outpace the laptop list.  I'd 
find one that had all the features I wanted, appeared to work with 
FreeBSD, and find that it wasn't made any more.  Or I'd find one that 
seemed to have all I wanted and then find next to nothing about it 
working with FreeBSD, other than other people asking the same question 
(e.g. the new IBM/Lenovo widescreen titanium thing, just before Xmas).

Also, are you aware that there's a whole freebsd-mobile mailing list?  A 
trawl through recent archives might at least get you some starting 
points, and if there are regular problems, some things to exclude.



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