[Total OT] Trying to improve some numbers ...

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at hub.org
Fri Feb 17 11:03:43 PST 2006

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006, lars wrote:

> <tangent>
> I'm not entirely against such efforts of long uptimes.
> I strongly believe in efforts to back up rumor with fact, as in
> the rumor 'FreeBSD is rock-solid'.
> Actually I believe it is, but I can't prove it beyond talking
> of my own experience with it.
> IMHO a lot of so-called fact is actually hear-say or anecdotal,
> either because the people spreading these 'facts' don't bother to
> update their info, the info is purely from each sysadmins personal
> experience and/or because there's a lack of info that is standardised
> and repeatable.
> So this web-site's effort, although similar to the Netcraft uptime stats, is 
> quite alright since it's a first step towards getting some numbers.
> </tangent>

towards this goal, I'd almost like to see something that the Linux folks 
did brought over to FreeBSD ... the ability to span uptime across reboots 
... not crashes, but if its a 'schedualed reboot', and clean, then the 
uptime could be extended through that reboot ... maybe even have some sort 
of 'timer' ... if the reboot takes <n minutes (ie. you aren't taking it 
down for 2 days for maintenance/upgrade), then let the uptime carry 
through ...

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