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Denny White dennyboy at cableone.net
Fri Feb 17 09:07:20 PST 2006

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I read the article at Onlamp about printing for the impatient.
Installed apsfilter and samba on my old hp netserver so I'd
be able to print to an hp 722c deskjet printer connected to
an xp box. Gimp-print was also installed. Ghostscript was
already installed. I ran /usr/local/share/apsfilter/./SETUP
& thought I had it whipped. That's where the fun started.
Apparently I've missed something along the way, since the
print job never gets sent to the xp box. I also found out
at linuxprinting.org that the recommended hp 722c driver
is pnm2ppa. There was only one section in the install script
that mentioned that driver, 10) PPA printer, so I chose that.
It plugs it into the setup, but when I try to print a test
page, I get ERROR: additional filter 'pnm2ppa' not found.
I found the driver at linuxprinting.org & downloaded it.
How do I go about using it? Is there a way to compile it
into ghostscript? I have ghostscript-gnu-nox11-7.07_14 &
the apsfilter setup script found it & didn't complain.
Do I need to install another more complete version? I know
if I install ghostscript-afpl, I'll also have to recompile
& reinstall apsfilter with the proper make options. When
I choose the more generic just plain deskjet printer driver,
the script accepts it, and when I try to print a test page,
there's no complaining about the driver like when I try the
ppa driver. Test page is created, supposedly sent to the
xp printer with even a speed, average around 950 kb/s, but
I see where it only goes to stdin. I'm definitely not a
programmer, but another filter, ghostscript, something, has
to relay it to stdout, is that correct?
So, I could use some pointers on this. If anyone interested
in answering needs more info, I'll be glad to plug it in to
a reply. Like smb.conf, apsfilterrc, & so forth. Thanks.
Denny White

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