How would you improve FreeBSD?

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Fri Feb 17 04:11:43 PST 2006

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>Yes, how would you improve FreeBSD?

I would start by making a rule that anyone asking how would you
improve FreeBSD on the mailing list be sentenced to write:

"I will not post silly questions to the mailing list that are answered on
the website"

several hundred times.  See:

>I am trying to paint a gloomy picture of where FreeBSD is headed.
>Therefore I am asking all of you to share your thoughts and ideas of how
>you would like to see FreeBSD improve. Chances are that's where our
>operating system is headed.
>1. Would you restructure FreeBSD somehow?

>2. What features would you add?

>3. What features would you remove?

>4. What features would you simplify?

>5. What features would you further develop?

>If I've left out some questions that you feel would contribute to the
>future well being of FreeBSD, don't hesitate to comment!


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