Mysterious reboot

Mike Loiterman mike at
Thu Feb 16 18:25:00 PST 2006

Olivier Nicole <mailto:on at> wrote:
>> I've also been observing my system...even when mail load from these
>> mini-attacks is heaviest, maybe 800 messages a second, the system
>> load barly goes over idle.  There appeas to have been two such
>> attacks.  It's a 2.8 ghz machine with 3 gigs of RAM, it should be
>> well able to handle that load even for sustained periods of time.
> Did you do some disk stress test? The hardware problem could be
> somwhere else than the MB. 
> Or network if your anti-spam rely on some network check?
> It would be nice that you set-up your system (how?) so that it does
> not reboot in case of failure, so you'd have some information on the
> screen. 
> Olivier

Yes, I ran the unixbench port (2 instances of it) as well as the stress port
for about 4 hours.  I think the hardware is fine, I believe, at least at
this point, that it was simply a micro-power failure.

Its been up now around 20 hours.  I'll continue to monitor it closely, but
it looks like a fluke.

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