Mysql 5 Cluster & FreeBSD

Mathieu CHATEAU gollum123 at
Thu Feb 16 14:33:03 PST 2006

Hello Robert,

thank you for your support !

do you have a mysql cluster on FreeBSD in production ?

do you think it can run on a 2 nodes cluster ?

I am willing fault tolerant system, not high performance (but
 the standard replication master/slave isn't enough fault tolerant for


Thursday, February 16, 2006, 11:09:45 PM, you wrote:

RU> Add this to /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf in your MAKE_ARGS statement. It's
RU> the WITH_NDB=1 switch that will enable building with cluster support, the
RU> rest is up to you. Then use the portinstall command to build the port.
RU> From there on it is like any other OS to build the MySQL cluster.

RU> 'databases/mysql*' => 'WITH_NDB=1 WITH_ARCHIVE=1 BUILD_OPTIMIZED=1
RU>   }

>> Hello,
>> Mysql Cluster is now part of Mysql 5.
>> Does someone successfully set up a Mysql 5 cluster on FreeBSD 5.4 ?
>> thanks in advance,
>> Mathieu CHATEAU

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