newly built kernel fails to boot

Fabian Keil freebsd-listen at
Thu Feb 16 11:45:47 PST 2006

Andrew <andrew.chace at> wrote:

> I've just had a go at configuring and rebuilding a kernel for my
> desktop machine. I read the section in handbook, and skimmed over
> NOTES and the GENERIC config. I then copied GENERIC to NETVISTA and
> commented out drivers/devices that I didn't think were relevant to my
> hardware. config(8) is happy with my file, and 'make buildkernel' and
> 'make installkernel' proceed without any errors. So, I ran
> nextboot(8) and rebooted, but the new kernel hangs right after the
> first line printed to the console; the first portion of which is
> 'acpi.ko'. 
> # NETVISTA Kernel Config
> # ACPI Video Extensions (LCD backlight/brightness, video output, etc.)

> device		acpi_video

Just guessing, but man acpi says:

|     If the acpi driver is loaded as a module when it is already linked as
|     part of the kernel, odd things may happen.

Maybe having acpi_video in the kernel and then loading acpi as
module triggers "odd things" as well.

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