CD problem solved..... a possible bug found...

Sergio de Almeida Lenzi enigma at
Thu Feb 16 06:57:19 PST 2006

Hello all

I wish to thank for all people who helped me
in particular the one that points me to the "man release" 
really helped...
some days ago I posted a message about
building the CDbtoot of FreeBSD version 6.0 release

the problem happens when (logged in the 6.0...) 
I mount the CDrom   and did a tar cf - /cdrom | tar xvf - -C /usr

the idea is to copy all the directories to the /usr/cdrom...
the CD has 580Mb... 
but the copy have more than 1013 MB... (amost twice.. the size...)

The same command on a FreeBSD 5.4 produces the coorect image of 580MB...

Tracking down the problem to a directory in the CDROM (rescue) that
have an executable build from crunch... of 131 files hard linked to the
executale ... 
On FreeBSD version 5.4 it correct reads ONE executable (300k) and
than builds the same structure on the copy directory

On FreeBSD 6.0 Release, it reads the same executable 131 times,
giving about 412MB ... that ... of course does not fit in the 680MB
limit of
the CDROM... The same file structure (131 hard links) with the same
command (tar...)  copies fine when they are outside if the  ISO9660 

My question is: is this a bug in the ISO9660 in the FreeBSD 6.0 or
just a new "behavior" ????

I am using FreeBSd 6.0 Release... 

Thanks for any attention....
Sergio de Almeida Lenzi <enigma at>

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