Mysterious reboot

Alex de Kruijff freebsd at
Thu Feb 16 05:43:59 PST 2006

On Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 01:46:19AM -0600, Mike Loiterman wrote:
> Afte being up for more than two months, I just noticed that my ver reliable
> and stable server mysteriously rebooted.  I've had the same hardware and
> system setup for more than a year and haven't ever experienced anything like
> this before.  I haven't added any new hardware in a very long time.  I did
> upgrade mysql this morning via portupgrade, however.
> The system appears to have crashed, as dmesg shows that the various
> filesystems weren't unmounted correctly upon reboot, but aside from that
> single error, nothing else points to what the problem was.
> /var/log/messages just shows a user connectig via pop, and then the next
> line is the machine booting.
> We are having a pretty good rainstorm, but nothing else seems to have lost
> power and I have several other machines in this space that did not go down
> (servers, TVs, XBOX, laptops, etc).
> The machine seems to have gone down around 11:23 PM, so I checked /etc/cron
> to see if I had scheduled a job to be run at that time, but there are no
> jobs scheduled to be run on or near this time.
> Where can I begin to look for more clues as to why this machine seems to
> have crashed?  Where would a kernel core dump be or a mysql core dump?

You can look at /var/log/messages and find core files with 'find / -name

I suspect the cause lies with your hardware. There might be something
broken that causes your computer to reboot spontaneous when it gets busy
or hot and other times it just goes oke. 


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