Stale Dependancy

Bob Perry rperry at
Wed Feb 15 22:07:25 PST 2006

Chris Maness wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Feb 2006, Bob Perry wrote:
>> Chris Maness wrote:
>>> This might be Newbie question:
>>> What is the cleanest way to resolve stale dependency with 
>>> gamin-0.1.5_3.  I think I remember seeing a message that it merged 
>>> into fam.  I did a portupgrade -a, and it's still there.  I was 
>>> surprised this was not self cleansing because I used CVSUP to sync my 
>>> port tree.
>> Hi Chris,
>> I ran into a stale dependency situation where I thought gamin-0.1.5_3 
>> was replacing fam.   I posted the issue and received the following 
>> command which replaced fam:
>> "You can only have one (fam or gamin) installed.  The following 
>> command will replace fam with gamin:
>>> >
>>> > portupgrade -o devel/gamin -f fam"
>> I posted my message around 1/31.  You may want to review archives and 
>> determine if this may apply to your situation.
>> Bob Perry
> That fixed the stale dependency problem, but didn't fam merge into 
> gamin. Isn't that what caused the issue in the first place?
Not sure Chris.  However, I did not see fam, or gamin mentioned in 


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