best approach to clone a disk?

Steve Quinn letter2steve at
Wed Feb 15 14:23:41 PST 2006

--- Joe Auty <joe at> wrote:

> It sort of helps, but sort of doesn't at the same time. I've tried  
> the dump command from the script using the correct slices, and still  
> had that kernel panic. I figured that using the Freesbie CD might be  
> a way of testing whether my install on my master/source drive was  
> somehow messed up, but I haven't gone very far with that (dump  
> reports "unsupported file system" errors).
> I've also looked at growfs, but I'm not entirely sure how to handle  
> the prequisite to using it which is using bsdlabel. It seems that  
> running bsdlabel within /stand/sysinstall doesn't recognize the free  
> space, so I can't create a new partition map that reflects this free  
> space. I'll keep working at it though...
> Thanks for your help!

Hi Joe

I didnt want to confuse you by adding the fact that dump/restore also eliminated the need to worry
about empty blocks but I'm glad Jerry mentioned it.  Thanks Jerry

I hope that you have a better handle on this now Joe

I'd be interested in seeing your /etc/fstab and script just to see if it's a simple typo or

Take care


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