Malibox is full

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Feb 15 12:57:16 PST 2006

> Please Help Me
> I have FreeBSD mail server but I have a problem that some emails I can’t 
> receive them because when they send the mail to me they receive a mail 
> written on it mailbox is full but when they send to me an email from yahoo 
> or hotmail I receive the mail

Do you have quotas turned on?

How full is the disk where the incoming mail actually resides?

If they send it from one place does it send it in multiple versions
such as plain text plus html plus some other graphic-ish code, but
their yahoo account sends it in only one way.

Are they including attachments some of the time, but not others?

Do you have a message size limit set somewhere?

Lots of things to check.
Probably there are others too.


> Thank

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