how to tell what ran what

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Wed Feb 15 12:44:37 PST 2006

Glenn McCalley wrote:
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>> Glenn McCalley schrieb:
>> > Is there a way to find out -which- -process- calls another process?
>> Each process is associated with a parent; look at the ppid column:
>>    ps axo user,pid,ppid,command
>> Björn
> Thanks, I stated the question poorly.  My fault.
> Is historical info available and is it available by file name?
> I trying to find out (for example) what (unknown) program ran another
> (known) program between 0900 and 1000 yesterday - something like that.
> I've got a customer sending our emails that he shouldn't - I don't know
> which customer it is.  The program that sends the mail is running as a cgi
> so it all shows up as user "nobody".
> If I can get a list of what programs, path and file name, called sendmail
> over (say) the last 24 hours, one of them should jump off the page with an
> unreasonable level of activitiy.

The web server logs don't tell you anything in the URL data?  A CGI script
usually has some parameters which might provide some assistance.


Brian Sobolak

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