Blocking an individual email address

James Csoka jimcsoka at
Wed Feb 15 11:46:31 PST 2006

After reading the page you linked to, and looking at the examples, I added
the line To:user at REJECT (using my personal email), and it had no
effect.  I can't find any good reason it didn't work, but it fails to
prevent me from sending mail from inside my work network to my home address.

any ideas?

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> In the last episode (Feb 15), James Csoka said:
> > Okay...I think I answered part of my question.  /etc/mail/access only
> > governs mail relaying.  Which would mean that of course, it wouldn't
> > mail from that address, but would have no problem sending mail to it.
> It covers local and outgoing delivery as well.  If you add
> To:user at REJECT
> then no-one will be able to send mail to that user from your site.  See
> .
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