Blocking an individual email address

Michel Di Croci michel.dicroci at
Wed Feb 15 09:27:00 PST 2006

2006/2/15, Philip Hallstrom <freebsd at>:
> > I am running a FreeBSD 5.4p10 machine at my office.  It functions as our
> > firewall and mailserver.  I am running Mailscanner, which invokes
> > sendmail when necessary to process mail.  Sendmail is not started by
> > default....Mailscanner invokes individual instances of it when it needs
> > to.
> >
> > Here is my problem.  I have an employee at my office that is sending
> > work email to her home email address.  I need to find a way to block her
> > email address, whether To, From, Cc, Bcc, or whatever, from passing
> > through my mailserver.  I have already added a line to /etc/mail/access
> > (in the format email at REJECT), and have run makemap hash
> > /etc/mail/access.db < /etc/mail/access.  I tested this with my personal
> > email address (external to my network), and it had the effect of
> > blocking any email orginating from my personal email to any address at
> > my work, however it does not prevent me from sending emails to this
> > address from a work address, which is the whole point.
> I doubt we know the whole story, but even if you do find a way to make
> this work what stops her from...
> - emailing her work to her gmail/hotmail/yahoo account?
> - copying her email and putting it on a thumb drive?
> - printing it out and taking it home?
> If you are trying to stop her from taking "work material" home then you've
> got a much bigger problem.

There's also the issue that she can use a webmail to send mail to her house
account and joining document there

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