Odd daily run output.

Julien Gabel jpeg at thilelli.net
Wed Feb 15 06:46:52 PST 2006

>>> Filesystem  1K-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
>>> /dev/ad0s1e    253678    -1358   234742    -1%    /tmp
>>> I know there's 8% reserved for softupdates, but how is it possible
>> Not for soft updates, but generally for root to be able to work in case
>> of a problem, i think.

>>> that there's _extra_ space on /tmp ?  What am I missing?  This is the
>>> first time I've seen this.

>> Run fsck(8) on this file system must solve this.

> Yes, there is 8% (tunable) reserved for root on filesystems. Root has
> used 1% of that on /tmp. Its not an fsck problem at all.

Certainly it is.  Search the questions@ and stable@ archives for similar
problem reports and answers.


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