What doesn't work on desktop FreeBSD ? (ex Webcams)

Mike Hernandez sequethin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 11:56:06 PST 2006

On  Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 02:33:15PM -0500, Xn Nooby wrote:
> I bought a QuickCam Orbit MP, which I apparently must use under Windows (or
> Linux).  From what I've seen online, not many (if any), people are using
> webcams under FreeBSD.  I was curious if there were other things that also
> were not realistic to do (I'm not complaining).
> Some of the things that do work are my soundcard, nVidia card, gigabit NIC,
> opengl games, wine, accelerated qemu, hp inkjet printer, and lots of
> wonderful free software.  Qemu nullified my need for VMWare (though I own
> 5.5 for win and linux). OpenOffice, Abiword, and Firefox with flash and java
> works.   Lots of stuff works.
> I'm just curious if I am going to hit any roadblocks down the road.

My printer works, but the scanner portion requires a reboot to windows or I 
have plug it into my powerbook. It's an HP PSC something or other.

Midi - well... most open source operating systems aren't great in that area

My nvidia card works except that gtk2 applications get this very strange text
decay pretty often. It's very strange that the text gets very blurry and
distorted sometimes. Only happens with the nvidia driver and composite &
render accel. I posted to the nvidia freebsd forum about it, one other person
verified the issue... doesn't look like it's going to get fixed any time soon.
(note - never had that problem with linux)

My quickcam pro doesn't work, but I never expected it to really.

My ipod video is recognized but I can't access the device. I hear this may
be fixed now, I have to cvsup my tree and see if it works now.

I have a couple of logitech dual action joypad things, they "kinda" work,
but they don't fully work.

Luckily I have 2 other operating systems to choose from if I really need to
use one of the non-working things I mentioned above ;)


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