IP Routing Question

Drew Tomlinson drew at mykitchentable.net
Tue Feb 14 10:45:07 PST 2006

On 2/14/2006 5:44 AM Steve Douville wrote:
> I'm trying to set up the routing table to force requests to certain IP addresses to use a particular ethernet card. I've used the route command in a number of ways, but still can't come up with how to force to use em1 instead of em0, with the right gateway.
> em0 is aaa.bbb.ccc.207
> em1 is aaa.bbb.ccc.200
> Both have netmask of
> em0 goes to the main port, gateway aaa.bbb.ccc.195. em1 goes to a switch, which is aaa.bbb.ccc.196, the gateway to other ip's on the switch.
> What I want to end up with is:
> aaa.bbb.ccc.196    link#2    em1
> aaa.bbb.ccc.209    link#2    em1
> I've tried lots of combinations, using the -ifp flag to force em1, but the only way I can get the gateway to say link#2 is to ping the ip first, whereas it gets put in the table even though it's not found, and then doing a route change. I need some way to put this in rc.local so that it's set up when booted.

What happens with a simple 'route add <certain ip address> 
aaa.bbb.ccc.196?  Or am I misinterpreting what you wish to achieve?



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