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David Kelly dkelly at
Tue Feb 14 07:43:15 PST 2006

On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 09:35:37PM -0700, M. Cummins wrote:
> Hi. Sorry about the HTML formatted email.
> I'm extremely interested in installation of a FreeBSD build on a Dell
> Dimension XPS P133s 133 MHz / 16 MB RAM, with a S3 Trio 64+ PCI (765)
> and D-Link DFE 530-TX PCI adapter. I've noted the HCL for version 5
> (or maybe it was 6?) but I figure I would do better to simply ask -
> what version do I need to run with my current hardware, and what is
> the highest version I can run on the machine that I plan to install
> on? Before you get too far on the reply, please also consider that I
> primarily want to use the computer for a webserver (for my LAN) in
> console mode (I doubt a GUI is a good idea considering the hardware
> I'm using.

I don't believe there is anything which has been done to the latest
versions to *prevent* it from running on your machine.

Since you mentioned FreeBSD 2.2.8, I have fond memories of abusing
almost exactly the same machine you describe but with a whopping 24 MB
of RAM. Ran Apache, NetAtalk, Samba, the basic X11 system with
practically no window manager. Netscape Navigator for http client and
exmh2 for email. Also burned a lot of CD's on that machine, and wrote a
lot of DAT tapes.

Built another machine around a PII-233 with (4) DAT3 drives. Would run
all 4 DAT drives at once. No problems.

David Kelly N4HHE, dkelly at
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