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You can try the current version 6.0, or 5.4. Try to install without a GUI to
minimise load.

Learning FBSD may be a bit steep at first since you have no unix background.
Try reading up on the Handbook to get started:

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> Hi. Sorry about the HTML formatted email.
> I'm extremely interested in installation of a FreeBSD build on a Dell
Dimension XPS P133s 133 MHz / 16 MB RAM, with a S3 Trio 64+ PCI (765) and
D-Link DFE 530-TX PCI adapter. I've noted the HCL for version 5 (or maybe it
was 6?) but I figure I would do better to simply ask - what version do I
need to run with my current hardware, and what is the highest version I can
run on the machine that I plan to install on? Before you get too far on the
reply, please also consider that I primarily want to use the computer for a
webserver (for my LAN) in console mode (I doubt a GUI is a good idea
considering the hardware I'm using.
> Oh, and sorry if this is inapproprite, but I have no experience with UNIX
and really need to learn it. I figured FreeBSD was my best shot at it, based
on what I've seen. I've been looking at 2.2.8 and it seems to be a decent
choice, but I do consider that you probably know more about this than I do.
> Thanks for even reading, and doubly so if you can help!
> Gratefully,
> Miles
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