dhclient and bootpd on same system OK?

Rob spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 19:50:25 PST 2006

  I have a home network with a router connected to the
  external internet, and four PCs on the home network.
  The router provides IPs with its DHCP server.
  (The router is a small commercial box skrewed to
  the wall).
  One of the PCs on the home network is a FreeBSD
  (6-Stable). This FreeBSD PC runs dhclient to get its
  IP configuration. So far so good.
  All other PCs on the network are Windows PCs,
  but have a BIOS that allow Network boots.
  Therefore I would like to set up the possibility to
  boot these PCs as diskless boxes from the
  FreeBSD PC, using the bootpd server.
  Hence, I'd like to make this FreeBSD PC a
  bootpd server. But it is already running dhclient.
  Would such a setup cause conflicts?

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