The FreeBSD 6.0 ISO cd...

sergio lenzi lenzi at
Mon Feb 13 19:21:51 PST 2006

Em Seg, 2006-02-13 às 14:32 -0500, Lowell Gilbert escreveu:

> sergio lenzi <lenzi at> writes:
> > I need to make a new cd1 with xorg version 6.9.0
> > and some packages for my own use... but I was
> > unable to rebuild the cd... with an 600Mb size...
> > 
> > My question is:
> > Where can I find a documentation about the way
> > the FreeBSD 6.0 release cd1  is built....
> "man release"

Ok I try to investigate what the system does in a 
make release... 
the problem is that I do not have enough disk or cpu/memory
for a complete build workd & make release....

I see that at some point in the Makefile it tries to execute a
from the i386 directory....

the same command executed against the original CD directory tree
the same 1052Mb filesystem...(of course, it does not fit on a CD)....

Can someone point me another idea of how to "compress"  the CD???

I tried the mkuzip but it result in a shell script.... that, will not
from a "burned"  CD....

Thanks for any help,


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