Question about routing and an ssh based vpn.

George Hartzell hartzell at
Mon Feb 13 18:07:47 PST 2006

George Hartzell writes:
 > <quick summary>
 >  I have set up an ssh based vpn between a -STABLE laptop and a 5.3
 >  server.  I can ping either end from the other.  I'd like to route
 >  traffic from the laptop to the public IP address of the server but it
 >  doesn't seem to work.  I can, as a sanity test, route packets from
 >  the server to the laptop's ath0 IP address.
 >  I can't figure out why I can get it to work one way and not the
 >  other.
 >  Help?
 > </quick summary>

Ok, I think that the *most* constructive comment might be something
about pulling ones self up by one's own bootstraps.....  Pithier
possibilies leap to mind too.

What I'm trying to do won't work.  And, now that I see it I'm pretty
much mortified that I even tried it, let alone asked anyone else.

First, I establish an ssh connection to a machine (aka TheServer) and
run a ppp session across it.

Then, I try to add a route that sends all of the packets to that same
machine (TheServer) down the tunnel.  The problem is, of course, that
they can no longer make it to the other end of the ssh session.

Presumably it works coming the other way because the TheServer thinks
that the ssh session is coming from the firewall's address and so it
doesn't get confused....

Sigh.  Bad geek, no beer.


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