Interested in selling retail freeBSD sets

Robert Slade bsd at
Mon Feb 13 09:46:26 PST 2006

On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 11:21, René Luckow - Cortex Systems wrote:
> Hi
> We're interested in selling freeBSD along with a range of other OS
> distributions on our website, which caters the European market.
> How would we going about obtaining these?
> Kind regards,
> René Luckow
> Technical & Sales Consultant
> Cortex Systems
> Snoldelev Bygade 59
> DK4621 Gadstrup
> Denmark
> E-mail: rene at
> WWW:


FreeBSD is what it says free. Please see

As I understand it, you are free to redistribute it provided that you do
not claim to have produced it nor charge for it. You can charge for
producing the CDs though.

You can obtain the iso images to produce the CDs from the FreeBSD site.


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