File verification script

Kristian Vaaf vaaf at
Mon Feb 13 00:41:20 PST 2006

At 15:40 12.02.2006, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>Kristian Vaaf <vaaf at> writes:
> > I need a simple script that uses CFV to report on broken MP3 albums.
> > All my MP3 albums contain an .sfv file that list MP3 tracks with their
> > CRC values.
>There are a bunch of them in ports, under the security category.

In my previous e-mail I wrote:

 > The reason I'd prefer something as simple as this, is because most SFV
 > validation tools are so bloated with useless features.

That includes the SFV tools in ports.

I just want a simple script that uses cfv to verify MP3 albums,
the same way I showed you my other script that uses cfv to seal my MP3 albums.


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