Memory leak?

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Mon Feb 13 00:27:59 PST 2006

Robert Leftwich wrote:
> After running some number crunching for the last twelve hours I noticed
> my box starting to use swap. Given that it has 4gb in it (of which 3gb
> is available, see my other email for that issue) and I know that the app
> never uses more than around 1gb I was surprised. Looking at the numbers
> from top I was even more surprised, there seems to be a significant
> chunk of memory unaccounted for (from memory when I checked after a
> couple of hours the inactive memory was around 1300M with Free in the
> 400M range, everything basically totalling to around the 3gb mark as
> expected). The app is driven by a script and is only running for around
> 1/2 hr per dataset after which it shuts down and restarts on a new
> dataset, so all memory should be freed up/made inactive after each
> restart, no? 
> Mem: 274M Active, 227M Inact, 263M Wired, 95M Cache, 214M Buf, 4536K
> Free
> Swap: 4068M Total, 707M Used, 3361M Free, 17% Inuse
> real memory  = 3221159936 (3071 MB)
> avail memory = 3106529280 (2962 MB)
> What's the best way to track down more information as to the cause of
> this problem?

Do you run other applications also?

There was a discussion on CURRENT@ some weeks ago about a memory leak 
that turned out to be firefox with some extensions, updates are 
available now.

Cheers, Erik

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