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gs_stoller at juno.com gs_stoller at juno.com
Sun Feb 12 22:32:30 PST 2006

> I don't really understand what it is you're looking for, but the source
> code for *all* the FreeBSD `programs' is available at:

>     http://cvsweb.freebsd.org/

> It's also available through FTP, CVS, CVSup and is distributed as part
> of the official release CD-ROMs.

> You can look for yourself, any time :)

Is there a  find  command [that takes patterns] so if I know the name (or part of the name) of a program of interest, I can find out the directory path to it so I can find it easily.  Also, where do I look for the basic sector i/o programs (the ones that underly the file-system, they are eventually called just before the hardware does the i/o] and what are their names?

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