one virtual IP interface on two ethernet ports ?

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Thursday, February 9, 2006, 12:05:25 PM, you wrote:

FB> Is it possible with FreeBSD to setup a virtual IP interface
FB> with load balancing that use two or more ethernet ports ?

FB> thank you

kldload /boot/kernel/ng_ether.ko
  kldload /boot/kernel/ng_one2many.ko
  ifconfig rl0 up
  ifconfig rl1 up
  ngctl mkpeer rl0: one2many upper one
  ngctl connect rl0: rl0:upper lower many0
  ngctl connect rl1: rl0:upper lower many1
  ngctl msg rl1: setpromisc 1
  ngctl msg rl1: setautosrc 0
  ngctl msg rl0:upper \
        setconfig "{ xmitAlg=1 failAlg=1 enabledLinks=[ 1 1 ] }"
  ifconfig rl0 inet

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