Direct disk access, was: Re: (no subject)

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Feb 12 05:51:57 PST 2006

gs_stoller at wrote:
> 	I would like to have the source code of (the set of) programs
> that can "read from"/"write to" any sector of a disk without a
> file-system, think of them as the disk i/o programs that underly the
> file-system.  I expect them to have (collectively) about four arguments,
> one specifying the disk to access, the second pointing to a buffer
> (supplying the data to write or to accept the data read), the third
> stating the number of bytes to transfer, and the fourth giving the  LBA 
> address of the sector to be accessed.

Sounds a bit like homework to me, but what you want is here:


See "man dd".


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