How get swedish keyboard on the consol after loggin on

John S dev02 at
Sun Feb 12 05:41:13 PST 2006

Thanks for the tips! but I'm still stumped.
It seems to me I don't understand the chain of events properly.

When I start the system and get to the lines:

Sun Feb 12 14:17:52 CET 2006

FreeBSD/i386 (jfs000) (ttyv0)


I can type my login which is john, but I can also type the letters ÅÄÖ 
or åäö.
But as soon as I log in as john (or root) and see the message of the day 
and the prompt:


I can no longer type ÅÄÖ or åäö - all I get is beep for each key press 
for those keys.

Note also that my /etc/rc.conf has the lines



I set up the login classes as per the handbook and that appearently went 
I use only USB mouse and keyboard and not AT keyboard or mouse.

I need some sort of a clue as to what happens to those keys before I logon
and what happens during the logon process. That's where they disappear.

Any more tips?

John S wrote:
> After the system starts and before I log on to the system
> the keys and letters åäö and ÅÄÖ seem to work OK. But
> as soon as I log on they don't. Why is that?
> Thanks!
> /John
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