LDAP authentication problems

Pavel Duda element at email.cz
Sun Feb 12 05:37:41 PST 2006

I have problems to get LDAP authentiction working (pam_ldap)and after 
two days of struggle I'm almost giving up...

I've tried few howtos like that one from samba.idealx.org but without 
success. First I wanted to run Samba PDC on FreeBSD, but I've stuck with 
pam_ldap authentication.

Now I can:
- browse LDAP database with ldapsearch or from other machine with LDAP 
- I'm able to use ldapsearch with user account created in this database ie.:
'ldapsearch -D "uid=testuser,ou=Users,dc=OHRADNI,dc=NET" -W'
'Enter LDAP Password: mypassword'
'[will list all entries]'

But when I try to use it for authentication it just don't work. For 
example I can't login with 'ssh testuser at localhost'.

Because I have "loglevel -1" I can see many data in /var/log/debug.log, 
but I'm not sure what exactly I should look for in this debug output 
thus I don't know if problem is on LDAP side or something else in my setup.

(I've attached gziped part of debug.log)

Can somebody help ?
Does someone have working setup of LDAP authentication on FreeBSD 6.0 
and would be so kind to sent me some quick howto or give an advice ?


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