incorrect logins

lars lars at
Sun Feb 12 02:41:08 PST 2006

Robert Slade wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-02-12 at 04:39, Playnet wrote:
>> Hello FreeBSD,
>>   I see many records as
>> Feb 10 21:08:55 sstand sshd[84600]: Failed password for root from port 46356 ssh2
>> How can i block these IP, who try "root" as login?
>> Have any soft in ports?
> In the default setup of SSH, root login is disabled. Check the manual
> for ssh.
> As for blocking Ips check hosts_deny and hosts_allow.
> I would recommend that you block the ssh port at you firewall for stop
> remote logons via ssh etc.
> Rob 

Either you
1	configure SSH to only allow logins from certain hostnames or IP 	 
addresses or for certain users, and/or

2	install a program to watch your logfiles and modify your 			firewall 
rules dynamically according to specified triggers,
	like /usr/ports/security/denyhosts, and/or

3	choose strong passwords or -phrases and not care

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