The FreeBSD Diary: 2006-01-22 - 2006-02-11

Dan Langille dan at
Sun Feb 12 00:09:59 PST 2006

The FreeBSD Diary contains a large number of practical 
examples and how-to guides.  This message is posted weekly
to freebsd-questions at with the aim of letting people
know what's available on the website.  Before you post a question
here it might be a good idea to first search the mailing list 
archives <> 
and/or The FreeBSD Diary <>. 

These are the articles posted during this period:

10-Feb : Is your ISP blocking port 25?  Here's a Postfix solution.
     Don't submit!  Use submission.

5-Feb : IPv6 - getting your LAN connected
     IPv6 avoids NAT, and gives you more than you'll ever need.

Dan Langille
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