I can't mount my USB thumb drive or ipod -- no /dev/da*

Kevin Kinsey kdk at daleco.biz
Sat Feb 11 15:24:08 PST 2006

Erin Sharmahd wrote:

>>try kldstat and see if da.ko is listed. if it isn't, try kldload da
>>the problem is that while the machine see the usb device attached, it hasn't
>>loaded the driver for the disk, hence the absense of anything in dmesg about
>>good luck. oh, the module might not be called da.ko exactly, but it will
>>have a
>>similar name. i'm not at my fbsd box now.
>I think you're probably getting to the right problem, but I'm still
>having a few issues.  Here's what kldstat shows:
>[amon-re conf] kldstat
>Id Refs Address    Size     Name
> 1   13 0xc0400000 63070c   kernel
> 2    1 0xc0a31000 57c8     snd_ich.ko
> 3    2 0xc0a37000 1d408    sound.ko
> 4    1 0xc0a55000 2364     accf_http.ko
> 5    1 0xc0a58000 a30c     if_iwi.ko
> 6   16 0xc0a63000 568dc    acpi.ko
> 7    1 0xc3079000 15000    linux.ko
>I'm not seeing anything similar to da.ko there, but da.ko isn't right,
>and in looking through what shows up when I hit tab after kldload, I'm
>not seeing anything similar to it.
>The interesting thing is, some things like umass are not listed in
>kldstat, and yet I know that they're working.  Does that mean that
>they're built-in instead of modules?  or what?  (sorry... i'm stll
>really new to *bsd).
>Anyway, if anybody knows what the actual name for the module I'm
>looking for is, I'd appreciate it.  I'm also curious why it's not just
>working automagically, like it seems to do for many people.

IANAE, but try "atapicam.ko" --- see atapicam(4).  My box loads
it, and I've no issues with my USB thumb drive, apart from my
discovery that if you use usbd.conf to mount it automagically
when it's inserted, you can't use usbd.conf to umount it when
it's detached ... sort of a "chicken/egg" issue that makes perfect
sense in my more lucid moments.

>Thanks a ton!

A ton of what?  ;-)


Kevin Kinsey

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