Andrea Venturoli ml.diespammer at
Sat Feb 11 06:47:22 PST 2006

Tom Grove wrote:

> aic7902 is the controller card...the board that has your scsi channels 
> and such.  SDR GEM318P 1 is the processor on the aforementioned board.  
> It's similar to a regular motherboard in that you would have a things 
> like ata0 and cpu0 except here you have ahd0 and ses0.

Ok, thanks.
But then again, what's its purpose?
On other systems I only have ahd0 (or ahc0, or sym0, ...) and the drives.
If ahd0 (or...) works somewhat as a "bridge" between the PCI bus and the 
SCSI bus, sends commands to drives and gets the answers, what does ses0 do?
If the system works perfectly well without it, what does it add?

  bye & Thanks

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