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Jose Jesus Ortega wrote:
> By any chance do you know what "Debian GNU/kFreeBSD"
> because I'm confused on it. Can I run freeBSD packages
> or ports if I install debian with that package or is
> it something else? thanks.

It's a somewhat bizarre sounding combination of the FreeBSD kernel and
the Debian Linux userland.  See:

So, no, you can't use FreeBSD ports with this -- you'ld have to use the
Debian userland package management tools (apt-get etc.)  It's also still
a work in progress, so you shouldn't think about using it in any sort of
production setting or if you're unprepared to cope with porting and
debugging software.

If you want FreeBSD ports, you've pretty much got to use FreeBSD.  Maybe
you could use  DragonflyBSD, but from my cursory reading of docco on the
DFBSD site, the plan there is to make some wide ranging changes to the
ports/packages system, which would probably break compatibility.



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