I can't mount my USB thumb drive or ipod -- no /dev/da*

Erin Sharmahd tuxgirl at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 22:51:12 PST 2006

I'm a bit of a newbie, but I've done a good bit of research, and some
asking around on this issue, and haven't been able to resolve it yet. 
I'm using FreeBSD 6.0 RELEASE with the GENERIC kernel.  (from what i
can tell, it has all of the necessary pieces to allow usb drives).

When I plug my ipod into my computer, dmesg gets the following addition:
umass0: Apple iPod mini, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 2

However, that's all that appears there relative to it.  From google, I
found that plugging in an ipod or a usb thumb drive should add a
/dev/da0 (or similar) entry to /dev, which you should mount.  I still
don't have a /dev/da*, and I actually checked, and nothing is getting
added to /dev when I plug the ipod in.

I thought that perhaps this was a problem related to support for the
ipod, but I have the exact same problem whenever I try to mount a usb
thumb drive.  Nothing new appears in /dev, and dmesg simply gives one
line explaining that umass0 sees the item.  A TA's thumb drive had the
same problem.

The ipod is FAT32, and has been used in linux many times.  The thumb
drive is currently ext3, but I'd like to reformat it to FAT32 once I
can get FreeBSD to recognize it.

Here's the info I can find about the ipod:
from dmesg:
umass0: Apple iPod mini, rev 2.00/0.01, addr 2
from usbdevs -d:
addr 1: EHCI root hub, Intel
 addr 2: iPod mini, Apple

And the info from my usb thumb drive:
from dmesg:
umass0: PNY Attache 2.0, rev 2.00/2.00, addr 2
from usbdevs -d:
addr 1: EHCI root hub, Intel
 addr 2: Attache 2.0, PNY

Lines that I think are important from the kernel config:
# USB support
device    uhci    # UHCI PCI->USB interface
device    ohci    # OHCI PCI->USB interface
device    ehci    # EHCI PCI->USB interface (USB 2.0)
device    usb   # USB Bus (required)
#device   udbp    # USB Double Bulk Pipe devices
device    ugen    # Generic
device    uhid    # "Human Interface Devices"
device    umass   # Disks/Mass storage - Requires scbus and da

# SCSI peripherals
device    scbus   # SCSI bus (required for SCSI)
device    ch    # SCSI media changers
device    da    # Direct Access (disks)

If there's any further information that would help, please let me
know.  These are the things I've found mentioned on google...



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