MBR blown away

Lorin Lund wbs at infowest.com
Fri Feb 10 18:41:16 PST 2006

Peter wrote:
> I need help.
> I added a slice to a single hard drive dual-boot (windows) system and now
> I guess that scrambled my MBR.  I get three options from the FreeBSD (5.4)
> boot manager:
> 1. DOS
> 2. FreeBSD
> 3. FreeBSD
I would think that the appearance of the above menu, and the fact that
it functions correctly when you choose FreeBSD indicates that the MBR is 
intact.  I
would presume, then, that the Windows partition has been damaged.

If the file system the Windows partition is healty in general with just 
a few files
in the boot sequence being damaged or missing you should be able to 
Windows in that partition and find all your data and applications 
present and in
good shape.  If however the filesystem in the Windows partition is 
messed up you
may have lost everything.

If you do re-install windows it will probably replace the MBR that is 
there with
what Windows consideres to be a 'standard' MBR.  I think you can use dd to
copy the MBR that is currently there.

Then to get back to FreeBSD you'll have to use fdisk to set the active 
to FreeBSD.  Then you can, hopefully, restore the MBR you saved.
> I can boot to FreeBSD (the new slice is fine) by choosing option 3 but the
> windows/dos option is fried.
> My current strategy is to use boot0cfg:
> # boot0cfg -B
> But I'm a little squeemish.  I don't want to be locked out of FreeBSD (I
> barely use Windows but I still would like it back for Visio).  Any
> guidance?
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> Peter
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