/usr/lib/libxpg4.so.3 missing - Did I miss a memo?

Trix Farrar trix at basement.net
Fri Feb 10 12:02:24 PST 2006

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On my network, I have several hosts that were originally installed with
FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE, 5.3-RELEASE, and 5.4-RELEASE.  All of these have
been updated now to 6.0-RELEASE-p4.  One host was originally installed
from 6.0-RELEASE media and subsequently updated to p4.  All works well.

I took a cue from The FreeBSD Handbook; 21.5 Tracking for Multiple
Machines, and have a central build host for the network.  On this
machine, I do my make buildworld, make buildkernel and building of
packages to ports.  That way I can just install port packages on the
non-build machine.

Everything worked great until I built bacula-server-1.38.5_1.  Package
built fine.  Installs and runs fine on all machines except the host that
was originally installed from 6.0-RELEASE media.  On that machine, the
bacula daemons will not execute.  They error with: (for example)

/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libxpg4.so.3" not found, required
by "bacula-dir"

This library does not exist on the from-6.0-install machine.

I started by looking through /usr/src/UPDATING and can find no mention
of this library on either the default branch or RELENG_5 branch.  Next I
started browsing through CVS and logs for /usr/src.  Here's what I've found:

This library has been obsolete and pretty much empty for a long time
because its functionality was moved into libc.  Yes, the library itself
still existed up until the RELENG_5 tag.

About 14 months ago, the files were removed on the mainline by tjr (Tim
J. Robbins) on 2004-Nov-13.

I've managed to get past this by adding a line to libmap.conf(5):

libxpg4.so.3   libc.so.6

My questions (yes, finally) are:

* Is this change documented somewhere that Google can't find or that I'm
not looking?

* Is my handling of this situation correct as a band-aid fix?

* How can I know whether or not it is save to delete libxpg4.a,
libxpg4.so, libxpg4.so.3, and libxpg4_p.a from /usr/lib on the machines
where they are present?

* Why would bacula (or anything else, for that matter) even try to link
to this library in the first place?  (Ok, I'll admit that I'm being lazy
on this one because I haven't really researched it yet)

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