A script for poets

marianne mueller mrm at sonic.net
Fri Feb 10 08:09:58 PST 2006

This doesn't help with rhyming, but it's fun to strip
off the subjects of spam, and later manually choose
out the ones you like.

Begging people's indulgence, here's one spam poem.
I call it "Where Do Dark Circles Lie?"

Where Do Dark Circles Lie?
dish dominate
newborn programmer
archetypal gaiety
chantilly spleen
bloodshed rivet
destitute bacon
tobacco camera
prophylactic winnipeg
apathetic chablis
scanty house windings
holy cow mr green
look rich now get rich later
don't tell your spouse you need viagra
kinky shemales
there's the whole.
and when this.

Earth is not round!  It's dirty!

edge my allow out
a human
a wrong

[so strong
the plan
then gone no doubt]

neutron lithium daniel
Please help in saving my soul!

Angels Part - mutinies
Part - umpire-Inverness
You No longer need drugs to get an Erectlon


I think these silly "poems"  are pleasingly absurb and

Also I don't think English is particularly imperialistic in
taking from other languages.   First, I don't think we
can anthropomorphize language, and second, there are
lots of other examples.   (Some might hold that language
is supremely subject to anthropomorphism, but that
argument would be seriously off-topic!)

newbie reading the list prior to installing FreeBSD

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