email cluster ?

Deepak Naidu deepak_nai at
Fri Feb 10 04:16:54 PST 2006

You can inturn use LVS (Linux Virtual Cluster) to load balance between two or more servers.
 Deepak Naidu.

Vulpes Velox <v.velox at> wrote: On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 12:13:25 +0100
Frank Bonnet  wrote:

> Hello
> I'm thinking to setup a FreeBSD based load balancing "cluster"
> email hub.
> Actually it is a "all in one" machine that runs 
> SMTP,IMAP,IMAPS,POP3,POP3S,antivirus,antispam,Webmail.
> I would like to split load on several machines
> but have no experience of that kind of architecture.
> Infos, links, very welcome.

Not sure about how to get that working nicely with webmail, but the
rest is simple.

You need to have the storage space exported by nfs to every server
machine. Using maildir helps massively as well. This is truely great
for this sort of enviroments.

I have been happy with qmail+spamcontrol, bincimap, spamassassin,
procmail, and clamassassin at work. It all runs nicely over nfs as

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