Nikos Vassiliadis nvass at teledomenet.gr
Fri Feb 10 03:38:37 PST 2006

On Friday 10 February 2006 13:16, georg at dts.su wrote:
> >> I need some sofware that allow resive multicast TV and cast them to STB
> >> and PC...
> >
> > The thing with IPTV is that the content is encrypted, and gets decrypted
> > by the STB, which is controlled by your IPTV-provider. You cannot simply
> > connect your FreeBSD box to your switch, receive multicast video and
> > display it. I don't think you'll find open source software that does
> > this...
> >
> > The other way around works fine, of course. vlc sends multicast and the
> > STB displays it.
> >
> > HTH, Nikos
> Did You know software that not open source for IPTV?

Sorry no. But I am sure that you'll not have many choices, if any.
Content providers have very strict policies about the content they
provide(movies). Having the data on a PC program(closed source
of course) increases the possibility of data leaking and I guess they
don't want to mess up with Paramount or whatever...

Regards, Nikos

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