Andrea Venturoli ml.diespammer at
Fri Feb 10 01:45:14 PST 2006

Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Andrea Venturoli wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I'm building a new server and stumbled upon this:
>>> ses0 at ahd0 bus 0 target 8 lun 0
>>> ses0: <SDR GEM318P 1> Fixed Processor SCSI-2 device
>>> ses0: 3.300MB/s transfers
>>> ses0: SAF-TE Compliant Device
>> I guess it has something to do with a SCSI hot-swap device, but I didn't
>> find any info on it.
>> What is it? What's its purpose? Can I do something nice with it?
> "ses" stands for "SCSI Environmental Services", and seems to be a standard for
> managing hot-plug enclosures, fault-tolerance, drive temperatures, and voltages,
> etc.  See "man ses" and /usr/share/examples/ses.

Thanks, I had seen that. Still I quite don't get it. What management are 
we talking about? I've always thought of hot plug devices as dumb 


# pwd
# ./getencstat -v /dev/ses0
SESIOC_GETNOBJ: Inappropriate ioctl for device
# ./getencstat -v /dev/da0
SESIOC_GETNOBJ: Inappropriate ioctl for device


  bye & Thanks

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