Multiple MSDOSFS partitions on iomega 250GB external disk

Chandan Haldar chandanh at
Thu Feb 9 23:43:21 PST 2006

I have browsed the threads on using >128GB disks with MSDOSFS  
(msdosfsmount()disk too big.  Sorry" etc...).  It seems to me from the 
mails in the archive that there are basically two ways to cope with this 

1. Rebuild kernel with MSDOSFS_LARGE enabled and pay the price in terms 
of extra 32 bytes per file memory usage.

2. Partition the disk into multiple <128GB partitions.

I'm using a iomega 250GB firewire/usb external disk that I need to 
access from Windoz as well as from FreeBSD.  I'm inclined to go the 
second way and chop it up into multiple pieces.  At the iomega website, 
they are washing their hands off the problem with something like this: 
iomega does not recommend partitioning the disk into multiple 
partitions... etc.

Can anyone on this list confirm actually making two or more FAT32 
partitions on a iomega 250 GB desktop external firewire/usb harddrive 
and successfully using all partitions on both Windows and FreeBSD?  Any 
issues and experiences to share?

Also, is it possible to use something like partitionmagic to resize the 
first partition without destroying the data (as I can do on a standard 
internal harddisk)?

Thanks for any help.


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